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Should you replace locks when moving house or not?

If you move to an existing home, it will already have locks on doors and windows. Easy for you, you might think, but is it a good idea for security to leave it that way? We'll go into it a little further.

Are there still keys in circulation?

An important and also symbolic moment when buying a home is undoubtedly receiving the keys. This completes your purchase and the new chapter in your life can really begin. However, keep in mind that there are other examples of those keys that you are so proud oflaren may be in circulation that you are not aware of and that were overlooked by the previous owners.
It is not inconceivable that the previous occupants lost keys over the years that were never recovered. These may still be in someone's possession, which means that that person could gain access to your home. You are also completely unaware of whether any keys to the house were ever given to friends, family or neighbors in case of an emergency. If these keys were not requested back, these people can in principle still enter your home. Another possibility is that the seller himself still has keys and so he can still enter.
In all these cases you therefore run the risk that, by failing to place nieuwe sloten, allows strangers easy access to your home and that is obviously not the intention. Only you choose who can enter in your absence for whatever reason and therefore have a key.

Take the opportunity to invest in new and secure locks

Burglars are very inventive when it comes to finding ways to force locks and bypass security systems. In response to this, the existing locks are continuously being adapted and improved. If you are moving, now is the ideal time to replace outdated locks. Chances are that if you don't do this right away, it won't happen again. Over the years, many locks and may not always have been maintained correctly and in a timely manner, reducing their operation. Replacing these locks therefore means investing in higher security and peace of mind, and that in itself is more than worth the investment.

Ask a locksmith for advice

For you, the existing locks may still look good, but that does not mean that their operation is still optimal. As an expert with extensive knowledge and experience, a locksmith is perfectly capable of making a thorough analysis of the security of your home and can give advice to improve it. obsolete replace locks, carry out repairs and add nieuwe sloten, he does it all with pleasure for you. Also consider extra measures such as side locks, core pull protection and security fittings.

Moving is the perfect opportunity to thoroughly tackle the security of your home. With this you ensure your safety, that of your seen and your belongings.

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