The advantages of a multi-point lock with quality mark

More and more homes are now equipped with a multi-point lock. These locks are also called multi-point locks and the name says it all: it is a lock that locks your door at several points. Many new-build homes are automatically equipped with a multi-point lock, because this significantly reduces the chance of a burglary.

We can install a multi-point lock for you, for example if you would like your want to replace locks. The advantages of a multi-point lock are numerous, especially when it comes to a lock that has the necessary certifications, such as the SKG quality mark. This ensures that your home or business premises are provided with solid security.

Strong security for your property

Burglars are constantly learning new methods of entering a home. In addition to standard ways such as sneaking in through an open window or back door, core pulling has been a frequently used method to enter a home unlawfully. With core pulling, the entire cylinder is pulled out of the lock with a special screw, which simply opens your door.

The core pulling method is also possible for multi-point locks, but the difference is that a multi-point lock against other burglary methods holds up well. This lock not only locks your door at the height of the lock, but also at the top and bottom of the door. The multi-point lock is only susceptible to break-in by the core pulling method. That is why we recommend multi-point expressions as standard with core pulling protection.

In addition to the extra locking points and core pull protection, you also enjoy some additional benefits with a multi-point lock, such as thermal and acoustic insulation. So you will be less affected by cold in the hallway and outside noises. A door with a multi-point lock closes perfectly, because there is virtually no space between the door and the frame. This also makes the use of a crowbar virtually impossible.

Where can I buy a multi-point lock?

Multi-point locks are easily available today, for example in hardware stores. You will soon see that a multi-point lock is a bit more expensive than a normal mortise lock, but you will of course get the necessary security in return. We strongly recommend that you only have a multi-point lock installed by a specialist such as Holland Locksmith, so that you can be sure that the lock works correctly. Also always pay attention to the presence of the SKG quality mark.

The importance of the SKG quality mark

Locks with the SKG quality mark are approved by the Foundation Quality Façade Construction (SKG). This agency extensively tests various locks for burglary sensitivity, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a high-quality lock. In addition to the quality mark, a lock also receives a rating of one to three stars, with three stars indicating that the lock is of the very best quality.

At Holland Locksmith, we only work with locks with the SKG quality mark, because we believe that every building deserves good and effective security. If you need advice in this area, or want to have your lock replaced, you can always contact us without obligation. We can check your property for possible risks and carry out all necessary work on your hinges and locks.

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