multi-point lock door

Multi-point lock for more security

As a consumer, it is no easy task to look for the safest possible locks. The offer is so large that you quickly lose the overview. Different manufacturers all promise you the best, but what is the best? We can already tell you that multi-point locks are not one of the favorites of burglars. Read why below.

What is a multi-point lock?

The name pretty much says it all itself. With a multi-point lock, use is made of different locking points, which provides a burglar-retardant effect. Three to five locking points are provided along the entire length of the door, which can be operated with a single action. You can consider this type of lock as an improved version of the regular cylinder lock that only has one closing point, making it faster to force.

The advantages of a multi-point lock

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage and the most important reason for choosing a multi-point lock is the high degree of burglary protection. With an ordinary cylinder lock, it is sufficient for a burglar to break open a locking point, which is relatively quick with the right tools. With a multi-point lock, the various locking points must each be broken open separately, which will of course take considerably more time. And let it be just time what a burglar doesn't have. He wants to get inside quickly to reduce the chance of being seen.
This lock also scores high in terms of ease of use. You may have several locking points, but you can open and close them all at the same time with a simple turn of the key. Much easier than working with side locks that you have to operate separately from the main lock.
Multi-point locks score well on durability because they are made of high-quality materials and because their use means that you have less chance of a break-in and therefore also of damage caused by forcing. You will definitely win back your investment with this.

Points of attention

With a multi-point lock you choose to optimally secure your home by making it difficult and time-consuming for burglars to get in. You can of course buy and install these closures yourself, but keep in mind that this requires some knowledge and skill. The closures must fit and be placed perfectly, otherwise this will be at the expense of the degree of security.
In addition, definitely choose locks with a quality mark, these have been extensively tested for their effectiveness and quality. They may cost a little more, but they are safer and more durable, which means that you save on the cost price in the long run. Your locksmith will be happy to help you with the choice and placement.
Also don't forget to pass on your efforts for more security to your insurance broker if you have burglary insurance. In many cases you pay a lower premium if you can demonstrate that you took actions to reduce the risks of a burglary.

Your home, you and your family deserve the best possible security, which is why choosing multi-point locks is a great idea. Make an appointment with your locksmith today and explore the options for your home together.

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