Side lock

Placing a side lock provides extra security

All your windows and doors are equipped with high-quality safety locks with the SKG quality mark and 3 stars. Now you may think to be optimally protected against burglaries. Yes and no. Obviously, the locks will make burglars have to put in more effort and lose more time to get in to you, however it still remains possible and doesn't even take up an insane amount of time. Certainly houses that are somewhat more remote or in quiet neighborhoods will still attract the attention of unwanted visitors. Can you protect yourself even better, we hear you think. Yes, it is. Placing additional locks adds just that little bit extra to the security of your home and is more than worth considering.

Multiple locks reduce the risk of a burglary

Placing additional locks is a very simple, but very effective measure to significantly reduce the risk of burglary.
Your door will always retain one main lock, in the place where your lock has always been. In the ideal scenario, two additional locks, the so-called side locks, will be placed in addition to this main lock, one at the bottom of the door and one at the top. It goes without saying that when a burglar finds that he will have to break three locks to get in, he will be more likely to leave your home for what it is and choose a different target. Breaking open three locks takes a relatively long time, and a burglar obviously does not like that. Forcing the entire door will be virtually impossible due to the presence of three locking points at different heights. Moreover, this will attract too much attention from any passers-by or local residents and will therefore not be an option. The more difficult access to your home is made, the greater the chance that burglars will not even make the effort. And this is always the goal that you have in mind when you focus on safety.

Your locksmith professionally provides your home with additional locks

Are you convinced that additional locks are also an ideal solution for increasing your security in your home? Your locksmith will be happy to come to your home to make an analysis of the existing situation and the risks and will advise you on the various options. By various options we mean the type of side lock. For a front door, for example, it will be possible to open and close the side lock both on the inside and on the outside, for certain other doors it will suffice that this can only be done on the inside. Your locksmith's experience will help you create the ideal solution for you.
We can say that such an extra analysis is useful for everyone. People often feel that everything is safe enough, but a simple and quick analysis can throw a completely different light on the matter. And this is also normal, you generally do not view the house through the eyes of a burglar, so you quickly overlook possibilities or just do not think about it. Fortunately, your locksmith can do that for you.

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