Best cylinder lock 2020

Professional locks keep burglars out

No one wants to be the victim of a home burglary. Strangers search your home, dig through your personal belongings and often cause a lot of damage. The consequences of this, also on a mental level, should not be underestimated.
You may think that the most important thing is that your home has locks, whatever they may be. Or maybe you are of the opinion that every lock has more or less the same features and quality, so it is better to opt for the cheaper and easier to install versions. However, it is not all that simple, locks exist in different versions, with different security levels and within different price ranges. These differences all have an impact on the safety of your home. If you do decide to invest and your safety, you better do it right away in the best possible way.

Locks with a quality mark

You may have heard of the SKG quality mark. SKG, which stands for the Quality and Gevelbouw Foundation, is the body that is responsible for testing and inspecting locks as well as for certifying them. A lock with this quality mark meets the burglar-retardant and burglar-resistant characteristics. Can these locks really not be forced in any way, you probably think? Unfortunately, you never have a fully waterproof guarantee. What you can be sure of with these locks is that it will take a burglar a lot of time and effort to get in and that there is a good chance that he would rather look for another and easier target.
Within the SKG quality mark you also have locks with stars, where three stars stands for the most burglary-resistant. Because strict requirements are imposed on these locks, the locks with a star are already quite heavy burglary-resistant.

Professional placement

The best SKG quality mark locks with three stars may be good in themselves, but their correct placement also plays an important role in safety. Locks that are not installed correctly provide a lower degree of security and that is of course a waste of the investment you made. By having your locks placed by an experienced and passionate locksmith, you are assured of the safest, most durable and highest quality solution for the security of your home.

People often mistakenly assume that the locks that are already on the home will suffice to keep out unwanted visitors. Unfortunately, burglars are always looking for ways to get into homes faster and more efficiently and the locks can therefore be adapted again and again to these new burglary methods. Having your locks checked at regular intervals can save you the burden and costs of a burglary and always gives you a sense of peace and security.
Your locksmith will be happy to give you tailor-made advice for your home and place the lock professionally and professionally nieuwe sloten.

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