Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Replacing your locks: is this a good idea?

Did you know that the number of burglaries on an annual basis has decreased substantially in the past ten years? By 2012, there were nearly 100.000, now that number has halved. Now, of course, 50.000 burglaries a year are still very much, but halving it means something has changed. This is partly because modern homes are increasingly secured. Since 2016, for example, all new-build homes must have locks with anti-core pulling protection: something that has absolutely had a positive impact on the total number.

You can always better prevent burglary

A burglary is a very serious event, which can cause much harm and material damage to the victim. Burglaries are often accompanied by excessive violence, which can cause major damage to doors and frames. In addition, stealing expensive property also plays a role. The worst for many people, however, is the emotional damage and sense of insecurity that follows. This can sometimes take years. If you want to prevent this, it is very wise to have good locks and to sufficiently secure your property.

Why replace your locks?

Over time, locks can wear, rust, jam or otherwise not properly 

rusted lock | replace the lock

work more. If you want burglary

 and other things, such as a key that gets stuck, you should regularly lock 

But also your replace locks if you live in a burglary-prone area, it pays off. You obtain a greater sense of security for this and that is priceless. Below we briefly explain some standard locks.maintained and to check for defects.

Which locks can you choose from?

A regular lock consists of a cylinder. When you turn the key, the mechanism starts and you can close the door. A common method of breaking in involves core pulling. Nowadays you can buy special locks with anti-core pulling fittings for this. These are provided with an extra layer of security, which prevents core pulling. You can also opt for a so-called multi-point lock: this lock locks your door in three places. This lock makes it very difficult for burglars to open your building. In short: there is a perfect lock for every building.

Kan Slotenmaker Holland replace every lock?

A good locksmith can open, replace and install every conceivable lock. Of course you can always contact us for a very wide range of excellent locks from top brands. We can remove your old cylinder lock, after which we will place the new lock neatly and correctly for you. We always try to do this with as little damage as possible, or not at all. Of course we repair any damage, if there is no other option.

All our locks are standard equipped with the SKG quality mark, as a rule we only use locks with two or three stars. So you can be sure that you choose expertise and quality. Would you like to know whether your locks are due for replacement? Call us and we will make an appointment with you to thoroughly check your home.

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