Rust on your key? That's how you get rid of it

Rust on your key? That's how you get rid of it

Your keys endure a lot, such as varying temperatures and exposure to rain and moisture. This can cause rusting in the long term. If you do not take any action, you will no longer be able to use your key, as it will no longer rotate in the lock. It is therefore important to respond before that happens.

Rust on your key

Rust formation is easy to recognize. Small brown spots will form on your key and those spots will get bigger and more numerous. Once the key is completely corroded, you will no longer be able to use it. At best, you will still get the key in the lock, but you will no longer be able to turn it, in the worst case you will not even get the key in the lock at all.

Rust can easily be removed yourself

Before you think that you will have to replace your key in case of rust, we would like to reassure you. It may not look like it and may already cause problems when using the lock, but rusting is fairly easy to tackle and remove. Even better, you can even do it all by yourself with some helpful tips.

Use a potato to effortlessly remove rust

The first, but effective, way we can give you to remove the rust from your key is to use a potato. You just cut a potato in half and place it with the cut side on the key for several hours. After that you will be able to easily rub the rust off with a cloth. Another way is to push your key into a full potato and wait a few hours here, too. The solution can be so simple and within reach.

Vinegar does not give rust a chance

Vinegar is often used for cleaning applications, such as removing grease and stubborn dirt. But did you know that it can also help you fight rust on your key? You fill a container with vinegar and soak your key in it for several hours. After this you can rub off the rust with a piece of aluminum foil and you will have a key like new.

The combination of lemon and salt does the job

The acid in citrus fruits is perfect for removing rust. For this method, first coat your key with a layer of salt and then squeeze a lemon over it. Wait a few hours and you can rub the miracle mixture off your key and with it the rust.

Visit your locksmith

Do you think after reading the above that you prefer to leave the work to a professional or is the rust formation too far advanced to start with do-it-yourself remedies? Of course you are also welcome at your locksmith to remove rust from your key. Don't wait until it's too late and your key has become useless. From the slightest sign of rust, it is best to take the necessary action to prevent you from entering your home at a certain moment. Your locksmith will have completed this job in no time and you can safely close your door and leave your home safely.

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