Smart locks are not secure?

As we continue to digitize and get an increasingly faster data network, more and more clever tricks are being created to make our lives easier. Smart locks are a trend here. The operation is relatively simple, the locks are opened with an accompanying app on your smartphone. The reason most people opt for these types of smart digital locks is that keys are no longer needed. And because the keys are no longer needed, there is no risk of loss or theft of your house keys. However, smart locks are a striking trend. Because no matter how secure you think smart locks are, they aren't all that secure. But why are they not as safe as many think? 

The reason why using smart locks isn't so smart at all

Smart locks are protected with passwords that usually consist of plaintext. Plaintext means a combination of letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation marks. For a bit of hacker it is child's play to crack these passwords. The locks that are connected to a smartphone with Bluetooth are usually easy to crack with so-called Bluetooth sniffers. Bluetooth sniffers are small devices that can pick up the communication, and therefore the passwords, of smart locks. In theory, anyone can easily get hold of these devices. Passwords can also be cracked with a brute-force attack. If you have a password of less than 6 characters, the brute-force attack is a very good method. This involves systematically trying all possible passwords until the system is cracked.

Why smart locks are still the best burglary prevention

There is a great diversity of quality within the range of smart locks. Despite the fact that smart locks can be cracked in different ways, they are still a better choice than the standard lock. After all, the keys of a standard lock can be lost or stolen. By being careful with the password of smart locks and choosing a password that is difficult to crack, it is a lot more difficult to gain unauthorized access to a smart lock. In addition, with good quality smart locks you often also need the corresponding telephone to gain access.

Recognize good smart locks

Some apps store the passwords and codes on your phone. A good smart lock will never make a log of codes and passwords. In addition, it is important that the accompanying app registers guests and owner separately and offers the possibility to offer guests limited access. Backdoor access should be detected. Login Verification is multifactor and there is code encryption.

Burglary prevention by Slotenmaker Holland

Are you curious about what you can do to prevent burglary in addition to smart locks? Slotenmaker Holland will be happy to visit you to advise you in this area. For example, we can install anti-burglary strips, multi-point locks and core pull protection. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

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