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We are available 24 hours. You can also reach us in the evening and at night if you need us immediately, such as:

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Locksmith Zevenaar: On site within 30 minutes

Do you need a locksmith in Zevenaar quickly? We offer reliable and fast help with unexpected lock problems. Our service is available 24/7 and on site within 30 minutes.

Whether you are locked out, have a broken lock, or want to replace locks after a burglary, we will help you quickly and professionally. Our locksmiths open locks without damage and install security locks with the latest techniques.

For burglary prevention, we provide advice and install core pulling protection and SKG-certified locks. Safety is our priority, that's why we offer the best solutions.

We not only open and replace locks, but can also open safes. Sometimes your insurance will cover the costs and we will help you confirm this.

Choose our locksmith services in Zevenaar and benefit from speed, reliability and craftsmanship. We will be at your door within 30 minutes to solve your problem, always well arranged.

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Locksmith Zevenaar: available 24/7

Our locksmith in Zevenaar is always available, day and night. If you have problems such as being locked out, broken locks, or the need for burglary prevention, help is just one phone call away.

We open and replace locks and install security locks such as multi-point locks and cylinder locks. You can count on a fast and professional solution.

Our technicians repair locks, install core pulling protection, and provide expert burglary prevention advice. At Locksmith Zevenaar, speed, craftsmanship and customer friendliness come first. Trust our reliable and fast service, always.

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Are you locked out in Zevenaar?

Locked out, broken into or lost keys? Our locksmiths in Zevenaar are ready to help you quickly and expertly. With years of experience and specialized tools, we open your door without damage. If that doesn't work, we will first consult with you before we proceed. We ensure that the impact is minimal and that you can get back inside quickly.

Replacing hinges and locks in Zevenaar

A properly closed home or business premises is essential. Do you have a bent key, a rusty lock, or has it been broken into? Then quick replacement is necessary. At Locksmith Zevenaar we are usually on your doorstep within half an hour, without waiting times.

Our locksmiths are happy to provide advice on the best locks for your situation. We work with A-brands and recommend at least an SKG** lock that meets the Police Quality Mark for Safe Living. We also advise on additional locking, such as a multi-point lock.

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Locksmith Zevenaar: More than 15 years of experience

At Locksmith Zevenaar you benefit from more than 15 years of expertise and experience. Our long-term presence in Zevenaar and the surrounding area proves our reliability and dedication. We continuously apply the latest technologies and methods.

Thanks to our experience, we offer various services, from opening doors and replacing locks to installing advanced security systems. We have helped thousands of customers, from simple lock replacements to complex burglary protection projects.

Our specialists master both traditional locks and modern security solutions. In emergency situations you can count on a quick and effective response. Locksmith Zevenaar always offers fast, reliable and professional service.

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Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Locksmith Zevenaar: We make the difference

Our locksmith in Zevenaar has already helped many customers in various situations. We offer more than just opening and replacing locks; we offer solutions that really make a difference.

For example, we helped a young family who had been locked out open their door quickly and without damage. In another case, we installed multi-point locks and core pulling protection for an elderly couple after a burglary, so that they felt safe again.

We have also helped several entrepreneurs by installing advanced security locks. Our services not only provide practical assistance, but also peace of mind and a feeling of security.

Emergency lock service Zevenaar

Our emergency lock service in Zevenaar offers quick help with urgent lock problems. Whether you are locked out, have defective locks, or want to repair burglary damage, we are available 24/7.

Our locksmiths will be on site within 20 minutes to give you access to your home or business premises again. In the event of a burglary, we provide immediate repairs and installation of security solutions such as multi-point locks and core pulling protection.

Rely on our fast, efficient and professional service to restore your safety and prevent future problems.

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The same address several times the target of burglars

Locksmith in Zevenaar and the surrounding area

Our locksmith service in Zevenaar offers reliable and fast assistance in both the city and surrounding areas. Whether it's an urgent problem or a routine lock replacement, our team is always here to help.

We open and replace locks, install multi-point locks, and offer advanced burglary protection. Wherever you are in the Zevenaar region, you can count on our professional service.

With a focus on quality, we serve a broad customer base. Whether you live in the center of Zevenaar or in a nearby village, we will help you with all your locking and security needs.

Safety tips from our locksmith in Zevenaar

Safety in and around your home or business is essential. Here are some unique tips from our locksmith in Zevenaar to protect your property:

  • Upgrade your locks: Replace old locks with high-quality cylinder locks, multi-point locks or core pull protection.
  • Regular maintenance: Have your locks regularly checked and maintained by a professional.
  • Additional security measures: Consider security lighting, alarm systems and camera surveillance.
  • Always check: Close all doors and windows properly before you leave or go to sleep.
  • Don't hide keys outside: This is a well-known method for burglars.
  • Be alert for lock problems: Identify and act on stuck or difficult keys.

Our locksmith in Zevenaar emphasizes the importance of prevention and awareness. By following these tips, you will reduce risks and create a safer environment for yourself, your family or your employees.

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Our lock services in Zevenaar

Our professionals can help you with all lock services.

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Opening locks in Zevenaar

There are various situations where you need a locksmith to open a lock. It is important that the request for assistance is legal and that you are the owner of the property.

Exclusion: This could happen to anyone. We usually open your door without damage, for example in the case of lost keys or a broken key in the lock. You never have to wait long; Our locksmiths in Zevenaar can be on site within 30 minutes.

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Replace locks

With valuables in your home, it is essential to properly secure your home. Old and rusty locks can easily break, posing a risk.

We professionally replace your locks and offer a wide choice of A-brand locks. Don't know which lock is suitable for your situation? Our experienced locksmith in Zevenaar is happy to give you tailor-made advice.

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Emergency Locksmith Service Zevenaar

Many locksmith services require immediate attention. After a burglary, your home must be closed immediately with an emergency lock. Even if you are locked out, you don't want to wait until office hours to get back in.

That is why we are available 24/7, including weekends, public holidays and at night.

burglary protection

Burglary protection Zevenaar

Everyone wants to close the door safely behind them, regardless of the neighborhood. Good prevention is essential to optimally protect your home against burglary.

We offer professional advice and install effective burglary protection. Prevention is better than cure!

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Core pulling protection

Core pulling is a commonly used method by burglars to gain access to buildings. A screw is used to pull the cylinder out of the lock. This technology is so effective that homes built after 2016 are required to have core pull protection.

Do you want to prevent burglars from easily opening your door? Let us install core pull protection to optimally protect your home.

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Install multi-point lock

Do you want to better protect your home or business premises? Consider a multi-point lock. Unlike a cylinder lock, which closes at one point, a multi-point lock secures your door at multiple points.

A multi-point lock locks your door at the side, bottom and top. Do you want to know whether this is the right solution for you, or have a multi-point lock installed? We provide expert installation and advice.

Want to speak to a lock expert immediately?

Need a locksmith in Zevenaar?

Do you need a locksmith in Zevenaar quickly due to a burglary, lost or stolen keys? We are available 24/7, even during public holidays and weekends. We will be on site within 30 minutes.

In case of lockouts, we usually open your lock without damage. If that doesn't work, we will first consult with you. If keys are lost or stolen, we will immediately replace your locks for your safety. Replacement is also wise if you move or if you have a rusty lock. We recommend SKG** locks and offer a choice of A-brands. You get a 5-year warranty and three new keys as standard.

After a burglary, we repair the damage and install nieuwe sloten. Our certified locksmiths also provide advice on burglary prevention, such as multi-point locks, core pull protection and anti-burglary strips.

Count on our fast and professional service in Zevenaar for all your locksmith needs.

Reimbursement of locksmith services in Zevenaar

In many cases, the cost of locksmith services can be billed to your insurance company, depending on the circumstances.

Lost keys: Insurance usually does not cover loss of keys. However, for your own safety, it is advisable to replace your locks.

Stolen keys or burglary: Insurers often reimburse in the event of theft or burglary. Report it to the police and inform your insurer. They can demand that locks be changed within 24 hours.

Burglary procedure:

  1. Call the police and your insurer.
  2. Do not move anything for the investigation.
  3. We place nieuwe sloten and repair the damage.

Insurers need the declaration and our invoice for reimbursement. Locksmith Zevenaar offers fast and professional help.

Want to speak to a lock expert immediately?

Frequently asked questions locksmith Zevenaar


We understand that you don't call a locksmith for pleasure. Often it is an emergency that needs to be resolved quickly. That is why we are always available, 24/7, all year round, without waiting times or office hours.

Do you need a locksmith? Within 30 minutes, without unforeseen circumstances, our locksmith in Zevenaar will be at your door.


A bent key may indicate internal problems with the lock. Bending back makes the key weaker and can cause it to break leiden. To prevent this, we recommend having your locks replaced.

With us you get a 5-year warranty on both the lock and the installation. You will also receive three new keys with each replacement. Contact us for a fast and reliable service in Zevenaar.


At Locksmith Zevenaar we offer a wide range of services:

  • Open locks: For when you've lost your keys.
  • Replace locks: Installation of safe locks according to the Police Quality Mark for Safe Living.
  • Burglary prevention: Expert advice and installation of security systems.
  • Emergency repairs: Available through our 24/7 emergency service.
  • Installation of multi-point locks: For extra security of your home or business premises.

We ensure that your property is always well secured.

Do you need our locksmiths in the Gelderland region? We work in Achterveld, Baarn, Barneveld, Blaricum, Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Eemnes, Hilversum, Hoevelaken, Laren, Leusden, Nijkerk, Soest, Soesterberg and Woudenberg. Our Locksmith Wijchen works in the Gelderland region.