Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Your locksmith will renew your locks after a break-in

If you have been the victim of a burglary, many things will come your way and there is a lot you need to arrange. You must report to the police, you must make an inventory of the stolen goods and of the damage incurred and, if applicable, you must also inform your insurance company. In addition to all the practical worries that a burglary entails, it is also important for your own safety to contact your locksmith as soon as possible. Chances are that your locks have been damaged or have even become completely unusable, putting you at increased risk. A quick intervention is therefore essential here.

A thorough check of all locks

As is generally known, burglars like to look for the places where they can easily and quicklyelst get into your home. If it is not fast enough to break or force a lock, they will look for another lock that opens more easily. For that reason, it is advisable to subject the locks of all windows and doors to a thorough inspection after a burglary. At first sight it may seem obvious where the burglar entered your home, but unfortunately this does not exclude the possibility that other locks were also damaged in a futile attempt to gain access that way. You can of course do this check yourself, but it is better to leave this to your locksmith. He is the expert and therefore knows exactly what to look for in order to notice even the smallest damage. A lock can still look perfectly intact but, on closer examination, turn out to be forced.

Repair or renew your locks?

A burglar will rarely, if ever, proceed with caution if he wants to gain access to your home. In many cases, the lock will therefore have irreparable damage during forcing and the complete lock renewal will be the only option you have. The ultimate goal of the burglar is and remains to get the lock open as quickly as possible and the damage is the logical consequence of this. Chances are that the choice between repairing or renewing the lock will not be an option. And that may not be that bad. Often people have been thinking about investing in better and safer locks for a long time, but it is not enough to actually take that step. Renewing all your locks after a break-in offers you the certainty that you have well-functioning and safe locks that are resistant to the latest breaking-in techniques. Although it should be noted here that the burglary methods are evolving quickly and that in the long term a way to break them open will also be found for the newest locks. A great reassurance, especially because you don't want to experience the same again after that bad experience. Have you fallen victim to a burglary? Your locksmith will help you to make your home safe again and will advise you to significantly reduce the chance of a new burglary. The permanent service allows you to reach your locksmith day and night, even on weekends or public holidays. Of course, this will only be to be able to safely close your home again, drawing up a safety plan and replacing other locks will generally not take place during this urgent intervention.

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