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Safer living by replacing locks

A safe home, that is what everyone has in mind, a home that offers you and your housemates peace of mind and which means a safe haven. It is therefore terrible to remember that someone with bad intentions would enter that safe haven without being asked to take ownership of your belongings. You have worked hard and saved a lot and your belongings are dear to you and should not fall into foreign hands. You also want to be able to leave your home with peace of mind and go to sleep with a safe feeling. All no more than usual, you think, but the current burglary figures unfortunately show that this is not always and for everyone the feeling. Do you just have to wait and watch? No, not at all, quite the contrary.

Inventory of your locks

Doors and windows can be closed, this is unfortunately a fact that already reassures many people. However, especially in older homes, locks can provide a false sense of security. If your home has outdated locks, it will not be a problem for a burglar to break it open quickly and easily. And we mean that with a false feeling. Agree your home can be closed, but perhaps not in the most effective way that deter burglars.

A thorough analysis of your existing locks will soon reveal the weaknesses. After your locksmith has mapped the locks, he will have an idea of ​​what could be safer. Simple locks can be replaced with safety locks, additional locks can be placed and it can be ensured that the locks cannot be removed. Mapping is one thing, taking action is the next step.

Optimization of your locks

Safer living by replacing locks is always a good plan. It will give you peace of mind and it will deter burglars. When a burglar has chosen your home as the location to strike, he will generally investigate first. He wants to know in advance where he can get in, which tools he will need and what the risks are.
It is up to you and your locksmith to respond to this by placing safe locks, preferably locks with a quality mark.

You have replaced your locks and a burglar passes through your home to see what his chances are. He sees that there are safety locks, this is already a first turnoff. He also sees that due to the presence of additional locks, he will no longer have to break open several locks to get a door open, again a letdown. If he also discovers that anti-core pulling hardware has been placed, this is a third turnoff. Chances are that three turn-offs in a row are just a bit too much for him and that he will see plans fall apart. It will take him a lot of time to get in, he will need a large amount of tools to strike and the chances are very small that he will actually succeed without being caught, because it all takes way too long . All negatives for him, all positives for you.

A well-secured home is the nightmare of every burglar and you and your locksmith can take care of that. It is your home and it is your property so you have every right to protect it as well as possible. A burglar who abandons his plans for your security is the icing on the cake and that's what you do it for.

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