What do the terms burglars, holidays and locksmiths have in common?

What do the terms burglars, holidays and locksmiths have in common?

No, it is not a trick question, but something to think about. Burglars love the holiday season and your locksmith can give you advice to help them get rid of that idea. Traditionally, the holiday period is a period in which the number of burglaries increases sharply. Not surprising, if you know that people leave their homes for a few days and possibly even weeks. It gives a burglar a sea of ​​time to do thorough research around your home and choose the most favorable time to strike.

The ideal time for a thorough inspection of your home

Chances are that if you are away from home for a longer period of time, you will check whether all doors have been closed. This also applies if you are going on a well-deserved holiday. You may even have a list to check off all the doors you checked. Unfortunately, this will not always be enough to stop unwanted visitors during your absence. Please take the opportunity to do a thorough inspection of all doors, windows and locks together with your locksmith. You can lock all doors and windows, but if you do this with a lock that does not score high on security, this will be a measure for nothing. A home left unattended for long periods of time with locks easy to open is the perfect target for burglars. Because your locksmith can count on years of experience and because he is aware of the most used and the latest burglary techniques, he is perfectly placed to give you advice. Which locks are safe? Which locks should you replace? What additional measures can you take to further increase safety? You will undoubtedly be amazed at the result.

Time to take action

If you have taken the step to engage a locksmith for burglary prevention and if you have received a plan of action from him, it is time to take effective action. After all, you are nothing with a well-drafted and well-thought-out plan if you do not implement it. Go over the prepared plan together with your locksmith and request a non-binding quote for the repairs or replacements to be carried out. You may be shocked by the price tag, but keep in mind that becoming a victim of a burglary often costs a lot more money. Not to mention the emotional damage that a burglary entails. Prevention is always better than cure and a small investment will provide great peace of mind.

Some more useful tips for during your absence

You are increasing the security of your home by investing in good and professional locks, which we can only applaud. There is a good chance that burglars will ignore your home if they find that they will not easily get in. Therefore, make sure that you do not offer them tools to make their attempt succeed. Do not leave tools such as ladders, hammers, screwdrivers and the like freely accessible. Do you want to go one step further in security? Providing good lighting around your home is also a must. Burglars don't like to work in plain sight of neighbors or people who happen to pass by. A final golden tip that we want to give is that you inform the police that you are going on holiday. In this way you ensure that they pass by your home once more to check whether everything is in order. Have a nice holiday and a safe return home.

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