what to do in case of burglary

What to do in case of burglary?

Of course you hope that your home will never be burgled. Unfortunately, it is relatively common to break into a house or business premises. For example, did you know that there is average 200 burglaries per day in the Netherlands appearance? Shocking numbers, but reality. There are still many homes that have poor burglary protection, such as homes that do not a multi-point lock are provided. Or a cylinder lock without core pulling protection.

Prevention is better than cure! That is why Holland Locksmith is always ready to inspect your home and take the necessary measures to prevent burglary. Has it unexpectedly happened that burglars have entered your home? Then there are some steps you can take to repair the damage as soon as possible. And also the required actions that you can take to get the damage compensated. We explain this below for you.

First of all, call the police when you see that you have been burgled

The first and most important step is to call in the police. Burglary is a crime, so the authorities take it very seriously. By means of trace investigation and inspection of the damage the police possibly find the perpetrators and probably even the stolen property. In practice this does not always happen, but it is nevertheless important that you do try it.

You may also be able to go online report the burglary

Also take pictures of the damage immediately

After you have called in the police, it is advisable to take pictures of everything. So not only from the damage caused by the burglars, but also from all surfaces and objects that have been touched and, of course, also missing items. If you have home and contents insurance, these photos will be important pieces of evidence that will allow you to claim compensation for the damage.

Once the damage has been repaired, it is no longer possible to gather such evidence. As a result, an insurer will not be able to assess how much damage you have actually suffered and you run the risk of having to pay all costs yourself. This also applies to damage repair. The photos, together with the police report drawn up by the police, constitute the burden of proof required for compensation.

Call an expert to repair the damage suffered

Have you performed all the necessary steps above? Then call Holland Locksmith immediately. We come straight to you to provide you with help. Depending on the time, we will either place an emergency shutdown to at least be able to close your property, or immediately start repairing the damage you suffered as a result of the burglary.

We can also immediately advise you on measures you can take to prevent burglary in the future. For example, by installing a better lock and securing other access roads. So that it becomes almost impossible for uninvited guests to be able to enter your property afterwards. Call us immediately if you have experienced a burglary, or before free advice with regard to burglary prevention.

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