core pulling

What to do in case of damage after core pulling?

Core pulling, also known as cylinder pulling, is the most popular burglary method at the moment. Burglars turn a special screw into the lock and simply pull it out of the lock with the cylinder and all. With this method, burglars with an average lock gain access to your home in less than 3 minutes. 

Core drawing and cylinder drawing

If you are locked out, core pulling is also a commonly used method for locksmiths to gain access to a property. Unlike a burglar, the locksmith will aim to gain access to the property with as little damage as possible. When a locksmith starts core pulling, he or she will place a steel plate over the cylinder of the lock. Subsequently, a screw is placed in the core of the cylinder. The plate distributes the pressure over the cylinder and protects the weakest point. The core is then removed from the lock without damage. Of course, a burglar will not work in such a controlled manner and the lock will be damaged without more. With cylinder pulling, a burglar will gain access to the cylinder within half a minute. We don't need to explain why this method is so popular. A burglar can use a claw hammer or crowbar to pull the plate of the fitting forward. The cylinder lock is now exposed and offers plenty of space to insert a screw into the cylinder with a screw drill. Now it will be enough to pull the cylinder out of the lock with the screw.

Discovered core or cylinder traits?

Have you noticed that your house has been broken into by means of cylinder or core pulling? Or has an attempt been made? Your locks are no longer safe! Therefore, please contact directly Slotenmaker Holland. Incidentally, in the event of a burglary or an attempt to do so, the first step you take is to call in the police. Our locksmiths are usually on site within 30 minutes. We repair the burglary damage and then place nieuwe sloten. Also report the damage to your insurer, in most cases our costs are covered.

Burglary prevention

You want to prevent a burglary. That's why you switch Slotenmaker Holland also for burglary prevention. By installing an anti-core pulling cylinder and core pulling fittings, you prevent burglars from gaining easy access to your home. Also choose locks with the SKG quality mark. We recommend a SKG** lock in any case, although a SKG lock with three stars is the most effective. These locks are very strong and the cylinder cannot break. Bee Slotenmaker Holland we only work with A-brand locks. In addition, we guarantee quality by offering a standard 5-year warranty on locks and their installation. 

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