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Are all locks equipped with burglary protection?

If you want to properly protect your home, burglary protection and prevention is a must. But what exactly does this mean when it comes to your locks? Not all locks are the same, which is why the Stichting Gevelbouw Quality (SKG) has assigned a certain classification to various types of locks. This is done on the basis of tests, the result is a slot that has been awarded one, two or three stars.

What does the SKG quality mark mean for your lock?

The allocation of the number of stars is relatively simple: the more stars, the longer it takes before the lock can be opened or forced. This means that a lock with SKG qualification never offers a guarantee against burglary, but it will in any case be a lot more difficult than breaking open a lock that does not have the SKG quality mark.

Core pulling hardware

We therefore always advise customers to take extra measures against burglary, so that you create the most secure situation for yourself.

General tips for not giving burglars opportunities

The longer a burglar has time to force your lock, the more likely you are to be burgled. Therefore, always ensure that the access roads to your home are clearly visible. You can achieve this by having a night light on, or, for example, lowering your hedge in certain places. Also make sure that expensive properties are not in sight at all times, this invites an attempted burglary. Finally, we recommend that you make your house appear inhabited, especially if you are not at home. This often deter burglars sufficiently to avoid trying to enter your premises.

How are locks protected against burglary?

If you follow the above tips you will go a long way. But a high-quality lock with burglary protection is and remains the most effective barrier against burglary. You can choose from several types of burglary protection. For most homes there is a lock with an anti-core pulling cylinder ample. Core pulling is a popular method, where the cylinder is pulled out of the lock with a special screw. This is no longer possible with anti-core pulling protection.

If you would like to go for more security, you can also opt for a multi-point lock. A lock with a multi-point lock locks your door in several places, making it almost impossible to force your door. We recommend this method for houses and commercial properties in remote areas, since burglars are more likely to attempt this. A multi-point lock is also ideal if your contents are worth a lot. After all, the investment for a better lock is many times cheaper than repairing damage after a burglary.

You must take into account price differences

If you choose a good lock with two or three stars, this will of course be slightly more expensive than a lock from a hardware store. However, you get quality, safety and security in return. Cheap is usually expensive, this is even more true when it comes to the safety of you and your family. When you with Slotenmaker Holland you are sure that you choose quality and expertise. Our locksmiths are all trained in the field and have years of expertise and experience, so you can leave the job to us with confidence.

Slotenmaker Holland is happy to provide advice on burglary protection

The range of locks can be tricky for a layman, in addition you may need some advice on the area of ​​burglary protection. You can always contact us for expert advice, a free quote and of course also if you need a locksmith quickly. In urgent cases, we are usually at your door within 30 minutes, in order to give you access to your property as soon as possible.

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