what to do in case of burglary

Summer period locksmiths

Summer is traditionally the perfect time to enjoy a well-deserved holiday and fully recharge your batteries. We are going to live a gear lower, burglars, on the other hand, shift just a gear higher. Many people make trips or go on a trip and those are the moments for a burglar to make his move. He can enter your home in peace, has little chance of being caught and can take all the time to search your belongings in search of valuables.
The many burglaries during this period also ensure that it is quite busy for your locksmith. After a break-in, he will be one of the first people contacted by a victim.

Ask your locksmith for advice before you go on holiday

Prevention is always better than cure, and this is also the case here. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by having your home checked by an experienced locksmith before you travel. He will indicate where the weaknesses are, what you can do about them and will make repairs and replacements where necessary. You can of course also do this yourself, but the knowledge and experience of your locksmith ensures that you can leave with peace of mind. He will, as it were, look at your home through the eyes of a burglar and come across things that you yourself will not think about.

Have you been the victim of a home burglary?

A burglary can never be completely ruled out and you always run the risk of discovering that a burglary has taken place during your absence when you return. Notify the police immediately, touch as little as possible and take photos for insurance. Once the police are done with the findings, call your locksmith immediately for an urgent intervention. There is a good chance that there will be damage to locks, windows and doors and even if this is not visible, the interior of the locks should also be checked. He will always ensure that you can safely lock your home again.

Make use of the summer period and your upcoming vacation to have a full check of the security of your home. Replace old locks with safer ones nieuwe sloten, have your existing locks maintained and invest in additional security. It would be a shame if you were immediately confronted with the nuisance of a burglary after a pleasant and restful holiday.

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