lock open without key

Opening a lock without the key: is that possible?

Did you lose your key, did you leave it inside when you left or do you not have a key to open your door for another reason? Then you can do several things. First of all, we would like to emphasize that forcing your own door is definitely not a good idea. Opening your lock with other objects is not a smart plan either.

You will not only damage your lock, but probably also your door. And that naturally involves high cost items. What you can do? Call a reliable locksmith, like Slotenmaker Holland. We are quickly at your door and in most cases we can do it completely open your door without damage. Read on for more information about our services and specialty.

Who can you ask for help if you want to open your lock without a key?

If you are unexpectedly in front of a closed door, it is often still an option to get a spare key. Many people have a key with family, or perhaps a neighbor. If you trust someone, this is always a handy plan B, because it saves you costs and man-hours. However, in most cases this is not the case, for example if you are now reading this text and cannot enter.

In these cases, it is wise to hire an expert who will open your lock for you without damage. Pay close attention! Because not all locksmiths are bona fide. If you have someone else open or replace a sensitive part of your home such as your primary security (your lock), it is very important that you choose a reliable partner for this.

How do you know if you are working with a reliable company?

Malicious locksmiths unfortunately exist, because the profession of locksmith is not a so-called protected profession. This means that locksmiths are not obliged to undergo training. If you want to know if you are dealing with an honest company, you can at least ask about the locksmith's education level and additional certifications. We also recommend that you look at the website for references from satisfied customers. This already provides you with some more information.

Other things to watch out for when choosing a locksmith

In addition to the presence of qualified personnel and references, there are a number of other factors that play a role in the reliability of a locksmith. These are points such as:

  • The range of services and to what extent this is clearly explained
  • A good locksmith can often open the lock damage-free
  • Also pay attention to the presence of professional equipment and corporate clothing
  • Each correct locksmith will discuss the price and conditions with you in advance
  • A locksmith can also install almost any new lock imaginable
  • Note the locks that are offered: do they have the SKG quality mark?
  • A solid locksmith also carries a pin machine

In addition to these practical points, a good locksmith will also be able to give you perfect advice on the degree to which your building is protected against burglary. How it works Slotenmaker Holland only with A-brand locks, all of which have a two or three star rating. Your safety is always our number one priority.

You never have to be outside for long with our 24/7 service

A lock without a key is very annoying and this occurs frequently, when you have to go somewhere quickly. You may also come home late in the evening and find out that you have forgotten or lost your key. You can count on our emergency service at all these times. We are usually at your door within 30 minutes, to help you in any case.

During the night, however, we cannot nieuwe sloten install in many places, especially in residential areas. This creates the necessary noise, which your neighbors are probably not happy with. In such cases we will place an emergency shutdown for this one night, so that you can at least go to sleep safely. The next day we will replace your lock. If it concerns a (remote) business premises, we can often do so replace the lock immediately. Do you want immediate help? Then call immediately Slotenmaker Holland and we are coming your way!

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