Types of mortise locks

Types of mortise locks

If you are looking for nieuwe sloten for your home, you will find different terms, each of which indicates a specific type of lock. The longer you look around, the more terms you will come across, which may make things difficult for you and make your choice more difficult. One term that you will definitely come across on your search is that of mortise locks. We are happy to give you a little more explanation about this.

What are mortise locks?

You may take the term mortise lock literally. The lock is placed in a space provided centrally, in the side of the door. Depending on the type of door and the degree of security appropriate for that type of door, there are different types of mortise locks on the market, each with their specific properties. It is also best to choose one with a quality mark within the category of these locks. This guarantees you a lock that has passed various security tests and therefore offers a higher degree of security.

Types of mortise locks

As already indicated, we find various subdivisions for mortise locks, which are mainly based on the type of door for which the lock must serve. An exterior door on the street side or in a dark garden will require a different degree of security than, for example, an interior door between the hallway and the dining room. We will go through the most important types together.

Cylinder mortise locks

We can designate the mortise locks with a cylinder as the safest choice. By fitting a cylinder, the user must have the correct key to get the pins inside the lock in the right place. If not all pins are seated just right, you will not be able to open the lock. If a burglar wants to open this type of lock, he will have to get the cylinder out of the lock and this takes a relatively long time and entails a greater chance of being caught. It goes without saying that this type of lock is not burglars' favorite lock. You can buy cylinder mortise locks with the SKG quality mark that meets the police mark for safe living. An excellent choice for doors that still require a high degree of security.


At the mortise locks we also find the locks. These types of locks are mainly used for interior doors that you want to be able to open and close, but that do not necessarily have to be able to lock. Think for example of a bedroom door that you want the door to close but that you rarely or never lock with a key. For security, this type of lock is relatively easy to open and therefore less suitable if you are looking for a high degree of security.

Keyboard locks

Although not ideal for exterior doors, the key locks do provide a security system in the form of a specific key. In contrast to the cylinder locks, a beard key is used here. The characteristic shape of the key pushes against the metal plates that are in the lock, so that the lock can be opened. You can use this type of lock for interior doors, for example, for which you would like to have the option of closing it securely. You can think of rooms in your home where valuable or confidential items are stored.

Narrow door locks

A final type of mortise locks that we discuss here are the narrow door locks. This type of mortise lock gets its name from the high and narrow lock case. Perfect for use on narrow style doors where other locks cannot be placed due to lack of space. This lock can be used with metal, houten if plastic doors are used.

Your locksmith will help you further

To choose the best type of lock for each door of your home, it is advisable to rely on the knowledge of your locksmith. Different doors require different degrees of security and it is not always easy for you to determine this. Taking into account the type of door and the desired degree of security, your locksmith will draw up an action plan specifically for your home. It goes without saying that he will also vouch for the professional installation of the locks and the delivery of any quality marks.

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