The work of a locksmith

The work of a locksmith

Locksmith, a profession that has been around for centuries and has undergone a lot of evolution over the years. Where in ancient times with simple and houten locks, which were destined only for the rich class, we nowadays have an extensive range of locks with a high degree of security. The work has certainly not become any easier and permanent training is therefore definitely necessary to be able to do good work as a locksmith. Not only is knowledge about it nieuwe sloten and security techniques are needed, knowledge of the methods burglars use is of the utmost importance for a good service.

Urgent interventions

Many people first come into contact with a locksmith when faced with an urgent problem. You have locked yourself out or your key has broken off in the lock and you immediately need the help of a professional locksmith. The same applies if you became a victim of a burglary and you can no longer close your door due to the damage caused by the burglars. In all these cases, your locksmith will visit you immediately and make the necessary repairs or replacements, so that you can close your home again. A permanent service ensures that you can always reach your locksmith, even during the night or the weekend.

Help with evictions

An undoubtedly less fun assignment that a locksmith is sometimes confronted with is offering help with opening doors for eviction. Here, he will open a lock on behalf of a bailiff to carry out the eviction and will then also ensure that the lock is replaced and that the house can be closed again. He can only do this aspect of the profession if he is instructed to do so by operation of law and will always do so in the presence of the necessary witnesses.

Replacement and repair of locks

The increasing number of home burglaries is causing more and more people to pay more attention to the security of their home. Replacing old locks with safety locks, placing additional locks, replacing ordinary locks with cylinder locks, installing anti-core pulling protection, these are some of the options you have to better protect your home. Your locksmith carries out these assignments for you professionally and with attention to your safety.

Customized security advice

Thinking about improving the security of your home, but not sure how to get started? Feel free to make an appointment with your locksmith for no-obligation security advice. In consultation with you, he ensures that burglars prefer to ignore your home in their search, because access was made too difficult for them. After identifying the weak spots in your home, you will receive extensive advice about the improvements you can make. Above you can find the most common assignments that a locksmith is asked for. Of course you can also contact him to have spare keys made, for example, or to purchase professional products to maintain and clean your locks. Locksmith, it is a versatile profession where the safety of the customers is always central. This is therefore always the common thread throughout the work.

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