Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

Repair burglary damage

On average, there are 65.000 burglaries per year. Then in neighborhoods with well-secured homes it can of course be a lot lower than in homes where little burglary prevention has been done. It is very annoying when you are the victim of a burglary. You discover that all kinds of valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, items have been taken. In addition, a burglary gives a great feeling of insecurity that can take you a long time to get rid of. After all, a stranger has just entered your home. A burglary often also causes damage, and that damage must be repaired as soon as possible. But what steps do you take after a burglary?

Help, there's been a break-in!

The moment you discover a burglary, all kinds of emotions are released. Anxiety, uncertainty, and a great sense of insecurity can cloud your thinking. It is important to try to keep a cool head. Do not immediately touch all kinds of things in the house, but call the police. It is very important that the police are able to do as much investigation as possible in order to establish the identity of the burglars. In addition, the burglary must be reported and an official report drawn up. Immediately inform your insurer about the burglary. For the later declaration of the costs, your insurer will also ask for the police report. Have the police finished their investigation? Then it's time to repair the damage from the break-in.

Professional help for the recovery of burglary damage

There is a good chance that damage was caused during the burglary, for example to the hinges and locks of the home or business premises. To prevent burglars from striking again, it is important that the damage is repaired professionally as soon as possible. It is possible that your home or business premises are no longer properly secured due to the burglary damage. It is therefore important that you have the damage repaired as soon as possible. Call in a locksmith to repair the burglary damage quickly and professionally. Slotenmaker Holland is on site within 30 minutes. We always recommend that you have the locks replaced before nieuwe sloten. This way you can be sure that the locks work properly. We always recommend that you opt for a SKG-certified lock with two stars in any case. Bee Slotenmaker Holland we therefore only work with locks from the well-known A-brands such as Nemef, Axa and Lips. Of course we can also immediately install extra safe locks, for example the multi-point lock or locks with core pull protection. We will also repair the other burglary damage for you. If the damage is too great to repair at once, we will install an emergency lock so that the building can still be safely locked.

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