More burglaries during holidays

More burglaries during holidays

Anyone who thinks that burglars only break in a lot during the summer holidays, is wrong. These are the holidays where no fewer than twice as many burglaries take place than on an average normal day. This information is recorded in the Home Burglary Risk Monitor 2020 of the Dutch Association of Insurers. If we look at the past four years, more than 7000 reports of burglary were made during the festive months, compared to less than 5000 in June. It is mainly old and new that is causing a huge increase in burglaries, an increase of no less than 90%. At Christmas, the increase of 80% is still very high.

Slight decrease

In 2019 there were fewer burglaries during the holidays. This is evident from the number of reports of burglary that insurers have received. On the one hand, the decline may mean that consumers are increasingly able to arm themselves against burglars. On the other hand, however, this downward trend does not necessarily have to continue and may be a coincidence. In addition, the police are also focusing more on the increasing number of burglaries during the holidays by driving more patrols at times when there are many burglaries.

Precautionary actions

Police and government are campaigning more to make people aware of the higher risk of burglary during the holidays. Information is also provided about the measures you can take yourself. One of those measures is obtaining the Safe Living Police Seal.

Police Seal Safe Living

The Safe Living Police Seal (hereinafter PKVW) is an excellent preventive measure to reduce the number of burglaries. The Crime Prevention and Security (CCV has conducted research and has concluded that the number of burglary reports and claims from insurers with a PKVW has decreased by 37%.


The requirements for a PKVW

The PKVW indicates that your home is well protected against burglary. If you do not have your burglary prevention in order, you will not receive a quality mark. To be eligible for PKVW you must meet the following conditions:

  • All windows, doors and skylights that are accessible from the outside must be able to be closed and locked with SKG certified hinges and locks.
  • Lighting at the outside doors
  • From the hall you must be able to see who is at the door
  • Smoke detectors installed in the correct manner and location on each floor

What is the SKG quality mark?

SKG is the abbreviation for Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw. SKG assesses the burglary-resistant effect of hinges and locks and stars are awarded on that basis. A lock with three stars will delay the break-in time by at least 10 minutes, for example. If you want to qualify for the PKVW quality mark, you must have hinges and locks with at least two stars. This ensures a minimum delay of 5 minutes in the burglary time. Whether or not you want to go for the PKVW quality mark, hinges and locks with SKG quality mark is always the best choice. 

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