Best cylinder lock 2020

Best cylinder lock 2020

The locks on your home do not have eternal life. As soon as the keys bend or enter the lock difficult, that is a clear signal that your locks are old and possibly rusty. In such a situation, it is important to have the locks replaced as soon as possible, before the key suddenly breaks off in the lock. The loss or theft of keys is another reason to have locks replaced. You also have locks replaced when they no longer meet today's security standards. If you then have the locks replaced, you of course immediately choose the best cylinder lock of 2020. But what is the best cylinder lock of 2020?

Do your homework

Not every locksmith will recommend a cylinder lock that is really the best cylinder lock of 2020. It is therefore important that you do some research yourself in order to be well prepared. In the first place, a clear distinction is made between cylinder locks for inside and outside. A door inside often does not need an ultra-secure lock, but outside of course it does. Also check which brands are offered and which advantages and disadvantages are associated with them.

Seek advice from locksmith

For advice about and installing the best cylinder lock of 2020, you naturally call in a reliable and expert locksmith. You must be able to rely on the advice you are given. For reliable locksmiths with a lot of experience and knowledge, choose the certified locksmiths from Slotenmaker Holland. Our locksmiths can advise you on the best cylinder lock of 2020 for you. For example, if there are a lot of burglaries in your neighborhood, it can be a wise choice to install a cylinder lock with core pulling protection. Burglars are continuously improving their techniques. The aim is to provide access to your home or business premises as quickly and easily as possible. Especially in neighborhoods with little supervision, a lot of expensive items and / or old and bad locks, burglars take their chance. Core pulling is a common technique among burglars. They use a special kind of screw to quickly and easily pull the cylinder out of your door. With a cylinder lock with core pulling protection it is impossible to use this technique. 

SKG security class

It is up to you to guess whether a lock is as safe as it is claimed. Fortunately, there is the SKG quality mark. SKG is the abbreviation for Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw. Hinges and locks are checked by this independent foundation for safety and durability. Based on this, a certain number of stars is awarded. For secure cylinder locks you will definitely want to choose a lock with security class SKG **, although SKG *** is the better choice. 


Slotenmaker Holland is available 24/7. We install your new cylinder lock quickly and professionally. We always give you three new keys and a five-year warranty on the assembly and the new lock. We are usually on site within 30 minutes. 

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