5 tips lost key

Lost or lost key: 5 tips to prevent this

Everyone has experienced it: you can suddenly no longer find your key. When you are still inside and have to leave home quickly, this is of course very inconvenient. But when you are outside and cannot go back inside, this is even more annoying. Especially if this happens in the middle of the night.

Of course we always come to help you immediately at such times, but prevention is still better than cure to this day. We have listed several useful tips for you in the future to prevent you from leaving or entering. Who may be able to help you find your keys faster, or lose your keys altogether.

1. Consider multiple identical cylinders

If you have multiple locks in and around the house, it can be a smart move to use multiple locks with the exact same cylinder. This is also known as a keyed alike cylinder. This way you can open all doors with just one specific key. You no longer need to carry huge bunches of keys with you, or keep looking for that one key you can never find. You can place multiple copies of the same key in various places in your home, so that you always have access to your home.

Unfortunately, locking cylinders also have disadvantages

Unfortunately, locking cylinders do have a few drawbacks. First of all, you often walk around outside with just one key and a single key can be lost. Therefore, also place a copy in your car, for example. The chance of burglary is also greater if you have bought relatively cheap cylinder locks to save costs. Always be vigilant about such matters.

Furthermore, it can be an expensive affair if you visit once have a lock replaced. Do you want to continue to enjoy the advantages of keyed alike cylinders? Then you will have to replace all locks at such a time. This of course costs much more than replacing a single lock. You will also need to purchase many new keys: again an additional cost item. So consider carefully whether this is a convenient option for you.

2. Use a large key ring and bundle of keys

One of the easiest ways not to lose your keys quickly is to bundle all your keys in one bunch. So also keys for the bicycle, car, possible garage or business premises. If you also attach a few large eye-catching keychains to this, then this bunch of keys is always clearly visible and very easy to find.

3. Hide several keys in your home

We have reported this before with the keyed alike cylinders: always try to have several copies of a key in the house. For example next to the front door, but also in a glass jar in the kitchen, or in a drawer in the bathroom. This applies to all the keys you have, so you never have to search stressfully for a small object where you only have one. It goes without saying that it is prudent not to point out the existence of these keys to others than your family members. And never put the keys in direct view; this way you invite burglars to your building.

4. Don't underestimate the usefulness of spare keys

You can hide keys in your home, but a good neighbor or friend who lives nearby can also save you a lot of trouble. Also family who do not live too far away, because you can give them some copies of important keys. This can make a difference in the financial field when you are standing in front of a closed door. After all, a XNUMX-minute car ride is cheaper than having to replace your lock.

5. Maybe a key plate is an idea?

Finally, you can also consider a key plate. This is a picture with a code that you put on it. If you do lose your keys, all you have to do is deposit your keys in the mailbox and they will come back to you. This is not a handy method if you have lost all your keys, because the chance that you will have them back within a day is very small. Unfortunately, not all people will neatly return a bunch of keys.

In any case, you are up to date Slotenmaker Holland always at the right place for help with your lock and other hinges and locks. We can in most cases sopen your door for you without any chades, replace locks where necessary also provide you with good advice regarding burglary prevention and security. Call us immediately if you need help.

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