Lock frozen

Lock frozen

It can just happen to you, the lock of the door of your home is frozen. er leiden several roads to Rome and perhaps you can enter through the back door or the garage. Solved, you think. And yes, it has been solved for now and you may be able to cope with it until spring makes its appearance and frost is a thing of the past. But, do you know that that lock isn't frozen for no reason? A good lock does not just freeze and there is more to it.

A temporary solution

But what if the door with the frozen lock is the only way to access your home? Fortunately, there are some tricks to be performed that will help you to enter the building first. You can defrost the lock with a lock spray. You may know this spray from its use with frozen car locks. If the hardware store is still open, that is your address to buy the lock spray. If you do not immediately have the option to have your lock treated to prevent freezing, you can also choose to treat the lock preventively. WD40 is very suitable for this.

Prevention is better than cure

A frozen lock is very annoying. Now you have managed to get into the home or business premises. However, did you know that at the first best frost period, there is a good chance that the lock will be frozen again? The fact that the lock freezes is not without reason, a good lock does not freeze just like that. After all, in order for a lock to freeze, water must have got into the lock and that is something that should not be the case. The lock may be old or poorly maintained, causing the water to run into the cylinder. To prevent the lock from freezing again, and then at a less favorable time, it is advisable to have your locks replaced on time. Please contact the specialists at Slotenmaker Holland. We only work with certified locksmiths who understand their trade. Contact us and we will usually be at your door within half an hour. We can guarantee you a fast arrival time because we have certified locksmiths at work throughout the Netherlands. We offer locks from different brands such as Lips, Axa and Dom. Do you have no idea which brand of lock and security class suits you best? We are happy to provide you with advice, also when it comes to burglary prevention. In any case, we recommend that you opt for a cylinder lock with at least a security class of SKG **. We assemble your nieuwe sloten quickly and professionally with specialist tools. On nieuwe sloten and you will receive the installation Slotenmaker Holland standard five-year warranty. Slotenmaker Holland is your specialist when it comes to replacing your frozen lock.

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