Tips not to lose keys

Tips not to lose keys

You have had a busy day. In one hand a bag full of groceries to prepare dinner with and on the other hand a whining and tired toddler with hunger. The only purpose is to get home quickly, park the toddler in front of the television and prepare food. Until… you come to the conclusion that you have lost the keys. You switch Slotenmaker Holland to get your lockout fixed quickly and professionally, but what can you do to avoid losing the keys next time? We give you some tips.

Usual spot

Get in the habit of putting your keys in a standard place. This could be anything from a key safe in the hall to the fruit bowl. The place doesn't matter as long as it becomes a habit. This means you do not have to wonder again and again where you have left those keys.

To enlarge

Making keys 'bigger' makes them more visible and less likely to be overlooked. By making bigger we mainly mean that you bundle your keys in a bunch of keys. It is also possible to make your keys 'bigger' by attaching them to a keycord or a key ring.

Keep out of reach of children

Keys have a huge appeal for small children. Make sure that your children cannot reach the keys. In the first place, of course, to prevent them from putting the keys in their mouth and swallowing them. 

Technology as an aid

You may have heard of 'Find my Phone' before. With this option, you can easily find your lost or stolen phone. There is also something similar for lost keys, namely the Keyfinder. Combine the Keyfinder with your keys. Download the app that belongs to this on your smartphone or tablet and with the help of a bluetooth connection you will find your keys in no time.

Keys cannot be found

You probably read these tips in response to keys that have already been lost, in the vein of 'when the calf is drowned, the well is filled up'. Have you lost your keys and been locked out? Please contact Slotenmaker Holland. Our certified locksmiths will be on your doorstep within half an hour. With the help of our knowledge, experience and specialist tools, we will open your lock in no time. Damage-free opening of your lock when locked out is our specialty. Incidentally, we always advise you to have your locks replaced when the lockout is the result of losing keys. After all, someone can find your keys and discover that they belong to your home. We are also happy to take care of the replacement of the locks for you. You make a choice from the various A-brands and we place them afterwards. You receive a standard five-year warranty on the new lock and its installation. If you are locked out, please contact Slotenmaker Holland.

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