The work of a locksmith

Insert locks for doors and windows

There are different types of locks for windows and doors. They all aim to close homes and buildings as well as possible and thus protect ourselves and our belongings against burglars. The range of locks for doors and windows has been expanded enormously and you may not be able to see the wood for the trees. That's not surprising when you realize that not every lock is as secure as you might think. One of the types of locks to choose from are mortise locks, or mortise locks.

What are insert locks?

When a lock is placed in the middle of the side of a door, and shipped, we speak of insert locks. Most of the doors in our country are fitted with a mortise lock with a corresponding cylinder. An insert lock is a combination of security fittings, a striker and/or a striker plate.

Using a mortise lock

A mortice lock can be used in different ways. It can be used as an important lock for a front or back door, but also for interior doors, an insert lock is suitable as an additional lock and multi-point lock. This type of lock is especially suitable for use with flush doors. When determining the correct size of your insert lock, you must determine the distance between the door handle and any lock, also known as 'centre to centre'. Also take a good look at the backset, the distance from the door handle and the lock to the edge of the door.

Which locks are right for you?

A standard type of lock is not recommended in advance for every home. Which lock suits your home entirely depends on your living situation. You can post nieuwe sloten for windows and doors is therefore best regarded as custom work. Would you like expert advice on which lock is best for you? We recommend that you hire a professional locksmith. Slotenmaker Holland can assist you in many ways. We can advise you in the field of burglary prevention and locks. We will visit you to see in which areas your hinges and locks need to be adjusted. We can also, if desired, nieuwe sloten places for you. You can think of insert locks such as a multi-point lock. We only install locks from premium brands such as Nemef, Lips and Axa. We recommend that you choose at least SKG certified locks with at least two stars. You will receive a standard five-year warranty on locks and their installation. Can we do something for you? Please contact us and we will usually be at your doorstep within half an hour.

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