Secure windows

Secure windows

A lot of light in the house is considered a big plus. And we are not talking about light through lamps, but about natural light that enters through the windows. Homes with many windows are therefore popular. However, there is a disadvantage to connecting all those windows and skylights, and that is an extensive view of your belongings from the outside. It gives burglars the opportunity to view extensively what you have in your home. Perhaps there is expensive art on the walls or a huge television. Burglars also see jewelry and your expensive laptop lying around. Enough reason for this scum to pay another visit to your home, and then preferably when it is dark and no one is around. Burglaries are rampant and that has to stop! Do not give burglars a chance and not only ensure good security for your doors, but also do not forget your windows.

Windows as an ideal gateway for burglars

A burglary is a poignant event that you do not worry about. In the first place, you have a lot of financial damage from all the things that were taken. However, it is the emotional damage that is often underestimated. It feels very annoying that there have been people in your home who have searched your things. You can no longer feel safe in your own home for a long time. The windows are often forgotten when you lock your house, and that is why more and more burglars enter a house through the window. 

Custom security

Vulnerable areas of the home need extra security, and windows are one of the priorities. A window can be forced quite easily with poor security. It is wise to seek the advice of a reputable locksmith if you want to secure your windows. Each type of window needs its own specific security. For example, one or two pivot pivots are best for side hung windows, while a multi-position lock is best for a tilting window. For tailor-made advice fully tailored to your situation, please contact our locksmiths. This way you can be sure that your windows are optimally protected. 

Are you locked out?

Have you lost or forgotten your keys? Then there is an exclusion. If you have the security of your home in order, it will be impossible to re-enter your home yourself. Then call Slotenmaker Holland. We work throughout the Netherlands, which means that we can usually be at your location within 30 minutes. Because we only work with certified locksmiths who understand their trade, in most cases we can open the lock without damage. In case this does not work, a new lock will have to be placed. That is why we consult before we start our work.

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