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Core pulling protection, what is it?

If you want your house to be adequately protected against burglars, it is a requirement that your locks, in particular, comply with current standards. Locks are available in many degrees of burglary protection. This depends, among other things, on the way your house is secured and the amount of stars that the Foundation Quality Façade Construction (SKG) has allocated to a specific type of slot.

One way to secure your home against a specific burglary method is core pulling protection. Core drawing is something that is still very common. That is why, since 2016, all new-build homes must have core pulling protection as standard. In this article we explain what core pulling is, how a lock is protected against core pulling and how you can best have it installed.

What is core pulling and how does this method work?

Each lock has a cylinder: this is the mechanism that rotates when you insert the key. A key is made to fit exactly so that you can open your own door

Well now; if your lock is not equipped with anti-core pulling hardware or an anti-core pulling cylinder, burglars can pull the cylinder out of your lock with a simple screw. Without this cylinder, your lock is of little use anymore, because the door will open automatically. There is a certain pulling force associated with core pulling and if your lock cannot withstand this then this is a simple method that is easy to apply.

How is core pulling protection placed?

Fortunately, core pulling can be prevented. To protect your lock from core pulling, you can go through an experienced locksmith like Slotenmaker Holland have a new lock fitted with protection against core pulling. This can be an anti-core pulling cylinder or a special anti-core pulling fitting. These locks are manufactured in such a way that the screw used by the burglars is no longer usable.

The cylinder can no longer be pulled out of the lock in this way. One method provides a system that requires enormous pulling force to unscrew the cylinder, other methods no longer make it possible to screw a screw into the lock. If you want to know which method is best for you, we recommend always calling in the help of a professional.

Always enlist the help of a professional locksmith

If you want to have your home checked for the level of safety, you can Slotenmaker Holland always carry out a thorough inspection with you. Of course we will look at your current lock, after which we can tell you to what extent you are protected against burglary. Does your lock turn out to be not so good? Then we can professionally install a new lock, which of course bears the SKG quality mark.

We can also advise you on the most obvious degree of prevention in your specific case. Sometimes a lock with an anti-core pulling cylinder is sufficient, in other cases it is better to place a stronger lock such as a multi-point lock. In all these cases you can rely on our years of experience and expertise: we place each lock neatly in accordance with the legal requirements and only use locks from A brands. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

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