Smart locks are not secure?

As we continue to digitize and get an increasingly faster data network, more and more clever tricks are being created to make our lives easier. Smart locks

What does opening a door cost?

Maybe you know all those exciting stories about the locksmith as a savior. And that savior angel helps you out of a lockout from you

flush-fitting locks

Fix hinges and locks

Hinges and locks include all means necessary to hang, open, fasten, close or lock doors or windows. To hang

Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

Repair burglary damage

On average, there are 65.000 burglaries per year. Then in neighborhoods with well-secured homes, it can of course be a lot lower than in homes where

The work of a locksmith

Insert locks for doors and windows

There are different types of locks for windows and doors. They all aim to close homes and buildings as best as possible and with that

Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

Burglaries are still increasing every year. Special, especially when you consider that with the technological developments there are also on the