unlock the broken key

Remove a broken key from your lock yourself: is that wise?

Nobody is waiting for one broken key in the lock from a front door. This is especially annoying when it happens at awkward moments, such as when you were about to leave and remember that you have forgotten something. So you run back to your front door, with a little too much rush put the key in the lock and suddenly the key breaks. More haste less speed!

What often happens at that moment is that the key is just not fully inserted into the cylinder. This prevents the mechanism from starting, because the key does not fit exactly in the cylinder. In addition, worn or stiff locks can also sometimes leiden to a broken key. If you then put a little too much force on the key, this can result in a broken key. So what do you do then?

In any case, you should never do this

In certain cases it may be possible to use the remove the key from the lock. In principle, we always recommend using a locksmith, because these kinds of tasks require precision work so as not to damage the lock yourself. In any case, we would advise you never to pick the key with a sharp object, because you risk damaging certain parts of the cylinder. Your lock is of course no longer usable. Your lock will then have to be replaced and that is a lot more expensive than having a specialist open the lock.

Try to make the lock smooth with a means

Do you still want to give it a try? First try to make the cylinder a bit smoother. This can be done by spraying the lock with a special lock spray. If you do not have this at home, olive oil may still work. Always use a special lock spray to regularly maintain your lock, so that it also runs well in the winter months, for example. 

You can then try to get the key out of the lock with small pliers or tweezers. It is therefore very important that you do not put these objects in the lock itself. Sometimes the key can protrude a bit, with the help of a lubricant it is relatively easy to remove the key. Is it not working, or can't you see the key in the lock? Then it is advisable to contact a specialist immediately.

Warning: Do not use WD-40 for locks, as indicated on the warning label. The lock could jam. 

Can't get your key out of the lock? Then call Holland Locksmith immediately

Still facing a closed door and not sure what to do? Then call Holland Locksmith. We are among others specialized in opening locks, without damaging it (in most cases) in any way. We will be at your door within a very short time and we can open it for you just as quickly. After that you can still use the lock.

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