Window security

Window security

If you are thinking about increasing the security of your home, chances are that you are primarily thinking of installing security locks, possibly with extra security, on your doors. Obviously this is important, but do not forget that windows also pose a risk of burglary. You can still have the best locks on your doors, if your windows can be opened in no time without much effort, that effort will be largely undone. If you know that a burglar is always looking for the weak spots of a house, you also know that he will soon discover that your windows are only limited in security and therefore not too great a challenge. So it's time to also thoroughly check the security of the windows.

Shutters with extra security

Placing a roller shutter is a good choice in increasing the security of your home. A roller shutter is certainly an additional obstacle for a burglar, because it is difficult to open it without making any noise and therefore to be noticed. However, it is not impossible, especially if you live in a detached house and, for example, have a window with a roller shutter at the back of your house. The classic shutters can be pushed up fairly easily and quickly, so that the burglar can still enter easily. A solution for this is the installation of roller shutter protection that ensures that the roller shutter cannot be pushed up and that access is therefore made more difficult.

Auxiliary locks

For windows you can also opt perfectly for placing additional locks. Most windows have a lock centrally located, but you can add an extra lock at the top and bottom. Before a burglar can open your window, he will have to force three locks, which in most cases will be too much of a good thing for him. The time associated with this is too long to go unnoticed and so this risk will rarely be taken. This is not only a good solution for windows on the ground floor, but windows on the upper floor are often used as an entrance by burglars.

Lockable window handles

Have you already thought of providing your window handles with a lock? Not only are they handy with small children in the area, they are also great extra security. The handle of a window that was also locked with a key will be difficult for a burglar to open, because there is only a lock on the inside of the window and he cannot immediately access it. Lockable window handles can be found quite cheaply, but they certainly help with better security.

Have the security of your windows checked

After reading the above, chances are you realize that the security of the windows in your home is not that high. Feel free to ask your locksmith for an inspection of your entire home. He will be able to advise you per window type on the measures you can take to better protect your home and to ensure that your windows no longer form weak spots. Extra security will make you feel comfortable and safe and that is ultimately the ultimate goal.

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